Li'l Abner

GB & Lexi Singh Performance Center
60 Douglas Rd, Whitinsville, MA

An original musical comedy by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank.  Lyrics and Music by Johnny Mercer and Gene de Pal.  This play is produced by Arrangement with TAMS-WITMARK MUSIC LIBRARY, 550 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022


A typical day in Dogpatch USA where the citizens of Dogpatch are enjoying a leisurely lifestyle and looking forward to their favorite civic event, the Sadie Hawkins Day Race.


A government testing laboratory in Washington, D.C. where the fate of Dogpatch will be decided.


Technical Director Christopher Gates
Costumes Wendy Saba
Set Design Tom Saupe
Set Design - Statue Barbara St. Pierre
Props Kim LiPuma, The Westborough Players
Front of House Deb Feingold, Steve Feingold
Tickets and Sales Vicki Freilich


Li'l Abner Nick Doug
Daisy Mae Diana Celularo
Marrin' Sam Christopher Hernandez
Mammy Yokum Linda Celularo Johnson
Pappy Yokum Levi Howard
Earthquake McGoon Chris St. Louis
Evil Eye Fleag Jason Freilich
Romeo Scragg Luke Desautels
Clem Scragg Sam Ariel
Alf Scragg Ellie Celularo
Lonesome Polecat David Panarelli
Hairless Joe Angelo Panarelli
Moonbeam McSwine Amanda (Woolford) Fantucchio
Mayor Dan'l Dawgmeat Frank Saba
Senator Jack S. Phogbound Keith Ariel
Dr. Rasmussen T. Finsdale Robin Shropshire
Dr. Smithborn MaryJo Reiss
State Department Man Marty Reiss
General Bullmoose John Lauring
Available Jones & Crew CJ (Cormac) Moylan, Annemarie Haas, Matt Powers
Scarlett Liz Lauring
Appassionata Von Climax Barbara St. Pierre
Stupefyin Jones Victoria Powers
Ensemble Jason Craney, Judy Freedman, Jeremy Feingold, Liz Fossum, Beth Kollett, Natalie Lyons, Martie Panarelli, Maria Rose, Jeanne Tradd, Beth Van Atten, Kimberley Van Atten, Patricia Vassar, Susan Wahid, Tracy Westerman, Heather Woodman, Jennalee Woolford, Abby Moylan, Caitlin Burke

Musical Numbers

A Typical Day Ensemble
If I Had My Druthers Nick Doug
Reprise: If I Had My Druthers Diana Celularo
Jubilation T. Cornpone Christopher HernandezEnsemble
Rag Off'n the Bush CJ (Cormac) Moylan, Annemarie Haas, Matt Powers, Keith Ariel
Namely You Nick Doug, Diana Celularo
Unnecessary Town
There's Room Enough For Us Ensemble
The Country's In the Very Best of Hands Nick Doug, Christopher HernandezEnsemble
Oh Happy Day Robin Shropshire, MaryJo Reiss
I'm Past My Prime Diana Celularo, Christopher Hernandez
Reprise: Namely You Diana Celularo
The Matrimonial Stomp Christopher HernandezEnsemble
Finale: Cornpone Christopher HernandezEnsemble

Romaine's Restaurant, Northborough, MA