Judy Freedman

Judy Freedman (M.Ed., M.E.D, CI, CT) is a community leader who does freelance work as a nationally certified ASL/English interpreter since 1985 with Hearing, Deaf and DeafBlind populations and serves as a mentor for students and other adults.

Currently she works with transition age youth ages 18-22 with a variety of disabilities. This involves developing youth leadership skills, job readiness, and self-advocacy. Judy often draws on the Arts to encourage creative thinking and provide unique learning opportunities. Her goal is for people to experience varying perspectives through mutual respectful interactions. Inclusiveness is essential to create “new normal” environments.

Judy co-authored Creative Collaborations through Inclusive Theatre and Community Based Learning (Palgrave Macmillan 2017). This textbook explores the power of communities working together to share stories, build connections and promote social change. Judy has received numerous awards as a leader, advocate and ally.


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