Invite to Join Board

Stepping Stone Community Theater is an inclusive theater company where individuals with varying physical, emotional and learning abilities have the experience of performing in a full-scale theatrical production, while partnering alongside actors from the local theater community, The Part Time Players, and other individuals from the community interested in theater arts. 

Stepping Stone was founded in 1996 and has continued to grow in numbers of both actors and community partners. We now have over 50 actors engaged, and with support staff and volunteers, we have successfully performed to a total audience of over 600 people.  

The experience of being involved in Stepping Stone is more than acting; 

We build friendships, have opportunities to develop social skills, learn various aspects about theater, understand how to get along with diverse groups, gain confidence and pride in who we are...and have fun!

This is an exciting and challenging time for Stepping Stone Community Theater! We are at a point where we need to further develop our board so that we can meet the needs of the Stepping Stone Community Theater.  We invite you to consider taking a place on the Stepping Stone Board. Please give some thought to joining our board and share any specific areas of expertise/experience you have so that we can grow and complete our board in a most complete and full way. 

We are looking for individuals who have expertise in general and especially in specific areas of finance/accounting, legal, tech, theater, leadership and fun!

If you are interested in joining the board, please contact Judy Freedman judy [at] to come to our Virtual meeting on Tuesday, February 8th at 7:00pm.

With gratitude,
The Stepping Stone Community Theater Board

Board Members: Judy Freedman, Paula Collins, Mary Pantano, Amanda Fantucchio, Vicki Freilich, Christopher Hernandez, Elaine Willey